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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Surprise from my sweetheart

My wonderful husband sent me a text one day last week saying he had a surprise for me, but wouldn't tell me what it was.  When he got home that night, he brought--or rather, lugged--in this...

Since excitedly starting my writing career at the tender age of eleven on my mother's very old, huge, heavy, black antique typewriter, I have always had a thing for them. (Unfortunately, later in my teens, she sold hers at a yard sale. I didn't think I held a grudge, but with fond memories of the deep-pressed, clacking keys typing out the adventures of handsome private eyes, maybe I still do hold a little one LOL)

My husband saw this one with, believe it or not, a free sign attached to it--and teases me that he spends so much money on me ;)

I have been doing some research and am pretty sure it is a Remington Super-Riter, 1960s, and with a rare large carriage often used in legal type offices of that day because of the unusual paper sizes of certain documents.  Pretty cool to me!

The keys are quite deep set, and with small hands, I need to give a good little pound to get each one down.  The funny part was that when I came back to work on my laptop, my fingers retained the muscle memory from the typewriter and I hacked away a few words on the thin keys before realizing what I was doing LOL.

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