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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stationary Junkie on a High

This is my recent old document drawer from a law office.  For a stationary junkie it is the PERFECT storage set...everything hidden away but right at hand LOL.

The cowboy at the top is just a sweet added bonus as the poor lad had been stored away for the last ten years or so because of little wall space in the office and the floor to ceiling, old, heavy bookcase there prior to the new stationary containment facility (as my husband would consider it LOL)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Beauty....and the beast within

I absolutely love where we live...and can't believe we've been here for seventeen years this past October!

Fall is the most beautiful time, especially for walking...

As noted back in a May post, I've been slowly making progress with my knee and am finally able to do my full walk--not that it was long to start with, but that just made it even worse, because I couldn't even do the simply route.  Hitting the top of the turn around ended up being quite an emotional moment for me because I had worked to get there (I would say long and hard but it was more slow yet determined).

This got me thinking, that it IS possible to accomplish things going slow and steady as it is going hard core all out.  Sure, it takes longer, but it does happen.  And the reward is just as special, maybe more so because it took that much longer.

Sometimes I get those thoughts that if I can't work at my series project full time, then it just isn't going to get done, so why bother?  And I always seemed to put it on the back burner for more important, work, editing etc.  Like doing something for myself was a selfish beast that I had to keep locked up.

But, one thing physiotherapy taught me was that I needed to take that time to focus on me, to get my knee and ankle better.  To sit down and massage them and ice them over and over, to schedule in the exercises and cycling needed to strengthen my legs.  That it isn't selfish to take time for yourself, to want to do things to make yourself better or healthy...or happy.

So, I've decided to put the same dedication into my own projects as I do into my physio.  Actually schedule time in to focus on some things that make me happy, even if it is only once a week or twenty minutes every few days.  

I've got great ideas, fun ideas, and I REALLY want to get them finished so I can share them with you, and hopefully help a lot of writers in the process to make the writing process less...stressful.  That's one of my main goals.

So remember, no matter what, keep writing...

The amount of time you put into something isn't as important as the fact that you simply do.