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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Repurposed office furniture

I hate to admit this, but I getting older.  Working all day in a law office then at night in the editing office has started to take a toll on these baby blues.

I do wear glasses, but for distance only--as in I only put them on when I am driving or watching a school play type thing.  But I don't need them to read.  Still, I've notice the last couple months that my monitor keeps overtaking my desk closer and closer.  The problem, however, is that pulling my monitor forward takes up too much of my desk space when I want to write things manually.

Then, on the weekend, while revamping my desk for the umpteenth time trying to find a comfortable "feng shui" as my husband teases, I found my old keyboard shelf.  I had taken it off because I preferred typing on the desk, so it had just been in my way underneath.  I looked it over and figured maybe if I turned it upside down, it might be the right height for my monitor to raise it to a better eye-level.  And it was, as you can see...

THEN, because the shelf was built to move forward and back under the desk...I discovered that, remarkably, it does the same thing on top of the desk.  I know, surprise, right :)

A few screws to secure it later, and VOILA!  I can now move my monitor forward and back when needed and still keep my desk free.

Lesson learned--don't hesitate to think outside the box.  You never know what might come from repurposing items...or ideas.

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