Follow the evolution of the Writer Knapsack (and even participate and help make decisions) as I create the face and materials of a new and different take on helping writers in this crazy world of publishing. Join me from the beginning and watch the website change as I work on sketches to a final logo, offer tips and tales toward final production, and develop an array of materials for those living the writing life...all to fill the pockets of your own writer knapsack.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Names and Logos

Writer Knapsack wasn't the original name for my series concept. The one I had in my head for years, however, just had too many connotations, and I wanted something a little more fine-tuned.

So, how many names does it take to make a series?  In my case 54. 54 versions of a series name until I found one I felt encompassed my concepts and wasn't already taken (which were at least three quarters of my list).

Now, as I work on the material, I'm also trying to come up with a logo...obviously it needs a knapsack LOL. Here's some ideas I've been sketching... 

I've two concepts taking root, just not sure which way to go yet. I think I'll work on a more detailed version of each and bring them here for a vote at a later date.

Stay tuned...

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